Replacing Your Windows and Doors: An Interview with Stewart Huffmaster of Window World of Athens

Please tell us a little bit about your company and the services you offer.
Window World of Athens, a licensed locally owned family business is part of the Window World franchises Nationwide. That gives us the best business structure for low cost and high quality products and services. We sell custom replacement vinyl windows, window treatments, replacement doors, vinyl siding, siding insulation, gutters and some roofing. We offer lifetime guarantees that are honored by four separate entities. Our network of franchises combined with great corporate leadership have allowed Window World to achieve the good housekeeping seal of approval and we stand alone ranked by J.D.Powers as the number one replacement window company in the United States.

What are some of the advantages to replacing older windows or doors?
Replacing windows ranks top on the list for improving your home for monetary payback while adding addition high valued benefits. After replacing your windows, you should expect and immediate reduction in the cost to heat and cool your home. Typically, a 30% to 50% savings is common. Individual savings will dependent on what type of window was removed and installed and your lifestyle. (You can’t leave the windows open and expect them to work.) Doors will help too, but most homes have fewer doors than windows, as a result, the savings will be less.

Other advantages are no rotting wood, no painting, no sweating, reduced noise infiltration, fewer bugs in the house and a great improvement in curb appeal and comfort of life. One of the first things a consumer has to do is adjust the thermostat up in the summer and down in the winter. Additionally, the TV volume will have to be reduced.

How would a homeowner know that they need to get new doors and/or windows?
If you have single pane windows, change them. With today’s energy cost and the improvements in today’s double pane windows, there is just no argument. If you see light around your door, change them. Rotting wood must be repaired because it will not fix itself and will only get worse. When the wind blows you feel a breeze around the windows or the window treatments move. Your HVAC system runs a lot. The glass or glazing compound is falling out of your windows.

What are some of the most popular styles, colors, options, etc. that people are having installed?
By far the most common is a white double-hung, double pane, Low-E/Argon filled high energy efficient window and white color inside and out. We are a custom house; that means we build the window to fit your needs and your budget and hopefully all your wants. The next most popular color is a beige or almond color. Window World offers many other colors and options including trim inside and out, architectural colors, wood grains, a multitude of grid options and even decorative engraved and leaded glass. Financing is available. It is easy and fast!

Can you briefly talk about getting an energy-efficient replacement door or windows?
The process is simple and the most efficient remodeling project you will attempt:

First, schedule a free in home evaluation and estimate. This allows both parties to understand what is needed to achieve their goals.

Second, commit to the project. This will require a signed agreement and a down payment. Because this is custom work which is unique to your home, materials fabricated cannot be returned. The down payment covers some of the cost. Also, for the consumer’s protection, there is a three day “Buyer’s Remorse” statute that must be honored.

Third, wait for the call to schedule the installation at your convenience.

Fourth, sit back and watch the show.

Fifth, pay the balance and your project is complete, all warranties are in effect. Any additional work, adjustments or errors are settled at this time and you’re done!

Do you have any tips to help homeowners choose the right windows/doors and the right contractor to do the installation work?
Yes, chose Window World of Athens. That’s a great question and of course I am biased. The warranty is the measure of quality. Anything with a lifetime warranty that is transferrable one time for a lifetime warranty is as good as it gets. And lifetime should mean as long as you are alive and own the house. Also, for the highest payback get the Energy Star approved products. Additional upgrades may be necessary to improve the performance which must be determined on site.

As far as contractors go, even the best workmanship, skill, integrity, and reputation have some risk. Anything can happen. What you need to look for is a single source entity that can be available in the event of an accident, death, abandonment or incompetence. You need a single point person who can take care of the business issues, the labor issues and the product issues. Window World offers just that, in addition you have three other professional organizations standing with Window World of Athens for full support.

What’s the best way for people to contact your company?
It is simple. Call us, email us or Google us: Ph. 706-543-7069
Fax 706-543-9852

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